IUU Fishing Incidents Around the World in 2016
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Our current database includes incidents of illegal fishing that have geostrategic implications for national and regional security.
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Illegal fishing is worth up to$36.4 billionannually.

We know that some of the world’s most nefarious actors, including transnational organized criminals and, in some instances, terrorists, have been implicated in environmental crime. Thus, natural resource theft, like illegal fishing, poses serious threats to global peace and security.
But what really lies behind that 36.4-billion-dollar figure?
Number Crunch is here to answer that question. As an open-source database, Number Crunch tracks incidents of illegal fishing that have U.S. national and global security implications. The purpose of the database is to provide analysts and policymakers with the information to better quantify and understand the convergence of environmental crime and U.S. national and global security. The database includes incidents of illegal fishing and their convergence with following threats:
  • Transnational organized crime and/or terrorism
  • Geostrategic threats at the national and international levels
  • Slavery and/or illegal immigration
  • The legal fishing industry implicated, wittingly or unwittingly, in transnational organized crime, terrorism, and other security threats
Know of an incident that should be on the map? Environmental crime is happening everywhere and all the time, yet does not always receive perfect reporting. If you know of an incident we missed, we'll be sure to add it to our growing database.
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